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Potencia la presentación en tu pastelería con nuestros fake cakes. Ideales para escaparates, estos pasteles falsos añaden un toque de perfección sin preocuparte por la frescura.


Enhance the presentation in your pastry shop with our fake cakes. Ideal for storefront displays, these fake cakes add a touch of perfection without worrying about freshness.

Our line of fake cakes is the perfect choice for pastry shops and commercial establishments. Not only do these cakes look incredibly realistic, but they are also completely hygienic and worry-free. Being fake, they do not attract bugs or develop mold, making them an ideal option for maintaining freshness and cleanliness in your establishment. Decorate with confidence and peace of mind with our fake cakes from Custom Fake Cakes in your pastry shop!

Furthermore, at Custom Fake Cakes, we specialize in creating custom cakes for any occasion. Whether as a decorative support for a real cake at special events or as a centerpiece for an exhibition, we are here to bring your ideas to life. Get in touch with us and tell us about your needs and visions, and our expert team will work with you to create the perfect fake cake that meets your requirements and enhances the experience of your event.

    Dear customers,

    To ensure excellence in our Fake Cakes, we kindly recommend that you place your orders well in advance. The material we use requires sufficient drying time to achieve impeccable results. Your patience will be rewarded with a masterpiece of realistic appearance! We appreciate your understanding and are eager to fulfill your sweetest desires.

    Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy a unique and tempting experience!

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    Can't find what you're looking for in the store? Don't worry! Let's create the perfect fake cake for your gift or project!


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