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Únete a la tendencia de los pasteles dorados con nuestra versión en pastel falso de Custom Fake Cakes. Este pastel todo dorado, de estilo vintage con bordones y perlas doradas, incluyendo una vela central dorada, es una verdadera joya que hará sentir a quien lo reciba como parte de la realeza. Además, está disponible a un precio muy especial



Join the golden cake trend with our version of Custom Fake Cakes. This all-gold vintage-style cake with golden trims and pearls, including a central golden candle, is a true gem that will make the recipient feel like royalty. Moreover, it's available at a very special price.

Decorative and perfect for professional use (film, theater, window displays, photography, advertising, decoration in restaurants, cafes, etc.). It's also ideal for adding a touch of distinction to the living room, kitchen, or bedroom. Made entirely by hand with high-quality products.

Does not include any edible elements.

*Note: We recommend removing dust with an air cannon (a hairdryer with cold air would suffice). Do not use damp cloths or water, only air.


  • Cake measurements: 15cm wide (including the base) x 7cm tall + 6cm for the candle. Approximate weight: 100g. The candle is delivered separately due to shipping reasons. Handmade. Does not contain edible elements. Keep out of reach of children under 3 years old. It is not a toy and could contain small or sharp pieces that may come loose.

Dear customers,

To ensure excellence in our Fake Cakes, we kindly recommend that you place your orders well in advance. The material we use requires sufficient drying time to achieve impeccable results. Your patience will be rewarded with a masterpiece of realistic appearance! We appreciate your understanding and are eager to fulfill your sweetest desires.

Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy a unique and tempting experience!

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