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Pastel falso gigante para bodas de gran lujo.



Immerse yourself in a world of refinement with our exquisite ten-tier cake, known as a true giant, meticulously crafted for the most discerning. Each tier has been carefully covered with our exclusive faux frosting, a unique formula developed by our team to faithfully recreate the appearance of cream or ivory frosting, topped with delicate buttercream pearls between each tier.

To add a contemporary and sophisticated touch, the tiers vary in height, creating an atmosphere of modernity and elegance. Additionally, the entire cake is adorned with roses in the same tone, achieving a fresh, refined, and luxurious effect. With a total height of 173 centimeters, a base width of 85 centimeters, and a top tier diameter of 20 centimeters, this dazzling creation is designed for the most luxurious weddings, featuring a secret compartment for the cake-cutting ritual with all the distinction it deserves.

***Our wedding fake cakes are even more special! They feature a secret compartment for the bride and groom to enjoy the cake-cutting ritual with a real slice of cake. This is a section at the back, on the bottom tier, hidden under a bow, where the real cake can go. (video in the product image gallery) Simply remove the styrofoam wedge and place your cake. You can ask the venue to cover it with a bit of frosting. And it's ready to enjoy the cake-cutting ceremony.

If you're looking for special finishes or a particular size for your cake, don't hesitate to contact us at We'll be happy to provide you with a customized quote tailored to your needs and desires. For these types of requests, we offer a personalized design service that aligns with your preferences, including a detailed design proposal, timeline, and costs.

Please note the following:

  • The studio fee is non-refundable if the project is not carried out.
  • The final quote will reflect the deduction of the studio fee once you have accepted the proposal and paid 80% of the total as a deposit, allowing us to start work on the project.
  • We recommend booking at least 3 months in advance for regular-sized cakes and 4 months in advance for giant fake cakes to ensure an optimal production time.

Studio fee: €85.00

Handmade with high-quality products.

Does not include any edible elements.

*Note: We recommend removing dust with an air cannon (a hairdryer with cold air would work). Do not use damp cloths or water, only air.


  • 10 TIERS:

    • White 85 cm diameter polystyrene base with 2 cm thickness. Finished with a white silk ribbon.
    • Tier 1: 80 cm diameter x 15 cm height
    • Tier 2: 70 cm diameter x 15 cm height
    • Tier 3: 60 cm diameter x 15 cm height
    • Tier 4: 50 cm diameter x 20 cm height
    • Tier 5: 45 cm diameter x 12 cm height
    • Tier 6: 40 cm diameter x 12 cm height
    • Tier 7: 35 cm diameter x 20 cm height
    • Tier 8: 30 cm diameter x 20 cm height
    • Tier 9: 25 cm diameter x 15 cm height
    • Tier 10: 20 cm diameter x 15 cm height
    • Total Height: 173 cm.

    Decoration may vary slightly from the image as each cake is unique.

    Handmade. Does not contain edible elements. Keep out of reach of children under 3 years old. Not a toy and may contain small or sharp pieces.

Dear customers,

To ensure excellence in our Fake Cakes, we kindly recommend that you place your orders well in advance. The material we use requires sufficient drying time to achieve impeccable results. Your patience will be rewarded with a masterpiece of realistic appearance! We appreciate your understanding and are eager to fulfill your sweetest desires.

Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy a unique and tempting experience!

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