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Pastel de tres pisos con textura espatulada de color crudo. Decorado con piruletas, nubes, merenguitos, cakesicles, macarons... Más dulce imposible!



Three-tiered cake with a rustic, textured cream-colored finish. Adorned with lollipops, marshmallows, meringues, cakesicles, macarons... Sweeter than sweet!

The cake topper is made of natural wood and is optional.

Decorative and perfect for professional settings (film, theater, visual merchandising, photography, advertising, decoration in restaurants, cafes, etc.). Also ideal for pastry shop displays. Handmade with high-quality materials.

Does not include any edible elements.

Please note: we recommend removing dust with an air cannon (a hairdryer with cold air would suffice). Do not use wet cloths or water, only air.


PriceFrom 120,00 €
15 días aproximadamente
  • Pastel de 3 pisos: Realizado sobre una base blanca de 35 cm de diámetro y 3 mm de grosor.

    Medidas de los pisos: realizado sobre dummy de poliestireno de 30+20+10 cm de diámetro, con una altura de 10 cm cada piso.

    Altura total del pastel: 30 cms sin decorar

    Peso: 770 gr.


    Hecho totalmente a mano. No contiene elementos comestibles. No dejar al alcance de niños menores de 3 años. No es un juguete y podría desprenderse alguna pieza pequeña o punzante.

Dear customers,

To ensure excellence in our Fake Cakes, we kindly recommend that you place your orders well in advance. The material we use requires sufficient drying time to achieve impeccable results. Your patience will be rewarded with a masterpiece of realistic appearance! We appreciate your understanding and are eager to fulfill your sweetest desires.

Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy a unique and tempting experience!

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