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Batido de fresa con donuts. Custom Fake Cakes.



Dive into delight with our exquisite strawberry milkshake elegantly presented in a charming Mason Jar! This heavenly elixir, carefully simulated with the freshest and most succulent strawberries, will delight your senses with its irresistible simulated sweetness. As the crown of this simulated masterpiece of flavor, you'll find a generous layer of whipped cream that adds a smooth texture and a touch of simulated indulgence. But the magic doesn't end there; two small fake donuts, irresistibly adorned with a touch of simulated sweetness, float on top, adding a touch of charm and fantasy to every glance. Get ready for a visual and creative experience full of flavor and pleasure with our strawberry milkshake in a Mason Jar. It will transport you to a world of visual delights!

Decorative and perfect at a professional level (film, theater, visual merchandising, photography, advertising, decoration in restaurants, cafes, etc). It is also ideal for bakery shop displays.

Handmade with high-quality materials.

Does not include any edible elements.

*Note: We recommend removing dust with an air cannon (a hairdryer with cold air would suffice). Do not use wet cloths or water, only air.


  • 1 unit

    Approximate product dimensions: total height 23 cm, total width 10 cm (including the handle of the jar)

    Materials: Glass, fake frosting, polymer clay.

    Handmade. Does not contain edible elements. Keep out of reach of children under 3 years old. It is not a toy and small or sharp pieces may come off.

Dear customers,

To ensure excellence in our Fake Cakes, we kindly recommend that you place your orders well in advance. The material we use requires sufficient drying time to achieve impeccable results. Your patience will be rewarded with a masterpiece of realistic appearance! We appreciate your understanding and are eager to fulfill your sweetest desires.

Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy a unique and tempting experience!

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