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Interview: "Custom Fake Cakes: Creating Fake Cakes in the Film and Events Industry"

The story behind Custom Fake Cakes is as unique as its name. Emerging from an unconventional combination of culinary skills and creativity, the company has established its presence in the world of fake pastry in an innovative way. The transition from real pastry to fake pastry was driven by demand and the vision of offering unique solutions in the entertainment world. Now, let's delve into how this idea was born and how it became a successful fake cake company.

Wedding fake cake. Pastel de boda falso. Custom Fake Cakes

How did the idea of founding Custom Fake Cakes and transitioning from real pastry to fake pastry come about?

The idea of founding Custom Fake Cakes and transitioning from real pastry to fake pastry arose from a series of circumstances and challenges we faced as professional pastry chefs. We began receiving orders from clients with special needs and situations that led us to consider a creative and sustainable solution.

Initially, some clients requested cakes for events where no one would eat them. Others asked for cakes with two fake tiers and one real tier, especially at weddings, but intended to serve a different dessert to their guests, so the real cake wouldn't be consumed either. These cases seemed isolated at first but began to increase in number.

We faced an ethical dilemma: as lovers of pastry and aware of the importance of not wasting food, we couldn't simply ignore this situation. We set out to seriously find an alternative solution that would allow us to meet our clients' demands while avoiding food waste.

That's when the idea of fake cakes with a secret compartment emerged. This innovative approach allowed us to offer our clients the aesthetics and symbolism of a traditional wedding cake while also giving them the freedom to serve special desserts to their guests. This shift in our approach not only allowed us to maintain the tradition of cake cutting but also significantly reduced food waste at events.

In summary, the transition from real pastry to fake pastry was a creative and sustainable response to the changing needs of our clients and our deep conviction to reduce food waste in the pastry and event celebration industry. We are proud to offer this unique solution and look forward to continuing to meet our clients' expectations innovatively and consciously in the future.

What were the main challenges you faced when transitioning to fake pastry and how did you overcome them?

When transitioning to fake pastry, we faced several significant challenges, but we were determined to overcome them and offer our customers a unique and sustainable solution. Here are the key challenges we faced and how we overcame them:

  1. Changing materials: The first challenge was to replace traditional pastry ingredients, such as buttercream, with materials that were safe and suitable for our fake cakes. We decided to experiment with different materials and formulas until we developed our own "Fake Frosting." This process involved rigorous testing during weekends and visits to hardware stores to find the right materials.

  2. Decorating technique: Although we had experience in decorating real cakes, we had to adapt our technique to work with the new materials. This included learning to model and build with fake pastry materials, which required a learning curve.

  3. Creating a believable product: Our goal was to create fake cakes that were visually convincing and closely resembled real cakes. It required a process of constant refinement to achieve that level of realism.

  4. Developing an online presence: Opening a website and an Instagram account was an important step in promoting our products. We had to learn about digital marketing and social media to reach our potential customers and create an online presence.

Ultimately, we overcame these challenges through dedication and commitment. The combination of experimentation, creativity, and perseverance allowed us to develop a unique solution in the form of fake cakes with a secret compartment. We are proud to have turned this idea into reality and to continue offering our customers a sustainable and beautiful alternative in the pastry world.

What types of projects do you usually have? Could you share examples of standout work you have done?

Undoubtedly, Custom Fake Cakes has had an impressive start since its opening in May 2023, and we have had the pleasure of working on a variety of exciting projects. Here's a more detailed insight into the types of projects we typically tackle, along with examples of standout work:

  1. Special Celebratory Cakes: We create fake cakes for unique celebrations, such as welcoming newborns. These cakes allow clients to preserve a beautiful memory of a special moment without wasting food.

  2. Cakes for Various Events: Our projects span a wide range of events, from weddings to corporate functions. We tailor our cake designs and sizes to meet the specific needs of each client.

  3. Work in Film and TV: We are proud to have worked in the film and television industry, providing realistic fake cakes for wedding and event scenes on screen. These cakes help create the perfect atmosphere in cinematic productions.

Highlighted Example: One of our recent projects involved creating a fake cake for a series set to air on Disney+. While we can't disclose the title of the series due to confidentiality agreements, this project is a testament to our ability to collaborate with major productions and deliver high-quality fake cakes for impactful scenes on screen.

At Custom Fake Cakes, we are excited to continue developing our expertise in creating fake cakes for a wide variety of projects and celebrations. Our passion for fake pastry and our commitment to sustainability drive us to innovate and offer unique solutions to our clients.

What sets Custom Fake Cakes apart from other similar companies in the market?

Custom Fake Cakes' distinction in the market is based on several key factors that make us unique:

  1. Versatility: We are versatile in the range of projects we undertake. Whether it's a cake for a newborn welcome, a spectacular wedding, or a film production, we have the ability to adapt to the specific needs of each client and project.

  2. Professionalism: Our approach is deeply professional in all aspects, from the quality of our products to customer service and punctuality in delivery. We work tirelessly to maintain the highest standards in every project we undertake.

  3. Extreme Customization: We value open and close communication with our clients. We listen to their needs and desires and offer expert advice. An example of this is our ability to advise on the appropriate size and style of the cake based on the specific needs of a scene or event.

  4. Unique Solutions: Unlike other companies that may offer mass-produced fake cakes, we specialize in creating custom fake cakes. Each project is unique and designed specifically to meet the expectations and requirements of our clients.

Regarding competition in Spain, Custom Fake Cakes holds a distinctive position. While there may be some individuals offering fake cakes on platforms like Etsy, our offering sets us apart in terms of customization and the quality of our products. We not only create fake cakes, but also actively collaborate with clients on custom projects, making us a unique option in the custom fake cake market.

Our passion for excellence and sustainability drives us to continue leading in this field, offering creative and beautiful solutions for a wide variety of events and productions.

What has been the reception of the film and television industry in Spain towards your fake cakes?

The reception of the film and television industry in Spain towards our fake cakes has been exceptionally positive. This favorable reception is largely due to the lack of specialized options in the Spanish market and the limitations faced by production companies regarding the use of real cakes in long-duration scenes.

Some key aspects that have contributed to our good reception in the industry are:

  1. Practical Solution: Our fake cakes offer a practical and realistic solution for film and television productions. The durability of our cakes and their resistance to prolonged exposure to lights and handling make them ideal for use on film sets.

  2. Cost Reduction: Using real cakes in long-duration scenes can be expensive due to the need for multiple cakes and food waste. Our fake cakes eliminate this issue and help production companies reduce costs.

  3. Versatility in Decoration: The ability to customize our fake cakes to fit different scenes and productions has been highly valued by production companies. This allows them to make the most out of each cake and, in some cases, make modifications to the decoration for use in other series or programs.

  4. Reliability and Quality: Our cakes are designed with durable materials that are resistant to filming conditions, providing reliability and quality in every shot.

  5. Industry Growth: The growth of streaming television series and other productions has increased the demand for high-quality and realistic fake cakes, driving the need for solutions like the ones we offer.

In summary, Custom Fake Cakes has filled a gap in the film and television industry in Spain by providing high-quality and realistic fake cakes that meet the unique needs of audiovisual productions. We are excited to be part of the creative process and contribute to the success of these productions with our fake cakes.

What advice would you give to those interested in entering the fake pastry business?

Tip 1: Become a Professional Pastry Chef It's essential to have knowledge in the pastry world to succeed in fake pastry. This includes understanding cake measurements and how many diners they can feed, as well as mastering decoration techniques with piping tips and pastry bags. Additionally, having worked in real pastry is essential, as it will provide you with a deep understanding of the limitations and design possibilities.

Tip 2: Focus on Authenticity The key to success in fake pastry is creating cakes that are so realistic that people have to touch them to believe they are fake. This requires meticulous attention to detail, from decoration to texture and colors. Your goal is to deceive the senses and make your cakes look authentic.

It's evident that you find great satisfaction in your work as creators of fake cakes, and it's exciting to see your passion for what you do. Here are some of the satisfactions you mentioned:

Satisfaction in Decoration: They particularly enjoy the process of decorating cakes. In real pastry, this involved creating delicious cakes that were also visually appealing. Now, in the world of fake cakes, they focus on enhancing the decoration and making their cakes look as appetizing as possible. The satisfaction lies in making their creations visually irresistible.

Maintaining the "Eat Me" Factor: From their experience as real pastry chefs, they always sought to make their cakes attractive and appetizing. This approach has been maintained in their work with fake cakes, where the "eat me" appearance remains essential to them.

Surroundings of Cakes and Sweets: Working surrounded by cakes, flowers, and sweets, even if they are fake, is a constant source of joy. The love for their craft and their enthusiasm for pastry are reflected in the dedication they put into each creation.

It's evident that their passion and creativity have persisted in the world of fake cakes, and their focus on beauty and appetite is a testament to their commitment to excellence in pastry. These satisfactions in their work are what motivate them to continue creating unique and captivating fake cakes.

And to conclude, to the question "Do you have plans to expand or add new products or services in the future?"

They answered:

We are constantly looking for opportunities to expand and enhance our products and services. As the industry demand evolves and our clients' needs change, we are open to adding new products or services that complement our current offerings. Our passion for fake pastry and our commitment to sustainability drive us to continue innovating and providing unique solutions in the world of fake baking. We are excited about what the future holds and look forward to continuing to grow and improve in the fake pastry business.

In summary, Custom Fake Cakes has excelled in the world of fake pastry by offering cakes that are not only visually convincing but also appetizing and meet the highest standards of quality. Their transition from real pastry to fake pastry was based on the need to address the demand for cakes for events and productions without wasting food, and they have had a positive impact on the film and television industry in Spain.

Custom Fake Cakes' passion for excellence and sustainability drives them to continue innovating and offering unique solutions in the world of fake pastry. Their dedication to decoration, versatility in projects, and focus on the appetizing aspect of their fake cakes sets them apart in the market. Additionally, their ability to collaborate closely with clients and adapt to the specific needs of each project is a testament to their professionalism.

In conclusion, Custom Fake Cakes has become a prominent player in the world of fake pastry, offering its clients an exceptional experience and providing the Spanish film and television industry with a creative and sustainable solution. Their success story reflects their passion and commitment to pastry, and we look forward to seeing how they continue to grow and contribute to the world of fake cakes in the future.

Wedding fake cake. Pastel de boda falso. Custom Fake Cakes

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